Building a Home: Announcement

In early 2016 I started a project to create a permanent home for the community in which I live. I began this because I want to actually own my home, having the freedom and security that comes with that. I also have a strong preference for communal living, which makes the whole proposition rather more complex than buying a two-bed flat in Zone 4 London.

I quickly came to the conclusion that doing this in the UK would be difficult, and there were other benefits from building in another county[1].

We focussed our search on Portugal, visiting for a couple of weeks in the spring (research), and a further 6 weeks in the summer (buying). I've now personally seen around 25 properties of all shapes and sizes and have a rather visceral understanding of the size of 1 hectare[2].

However, after a lot of work I am overjoyed to announce we have signed the deed to a beautiful 3.5ha piece of land near Fundao, Central Portugal.

We’ll be on-site for a couple of weeks in January 2017, then probably again in March. Expect more updates, but until then here is our announcement video...

[1] More on this later

[2] We saw a 10 hectare property. When the boundaries were pointed out to us I felt much like Simba having an “Everything the light touches” moment.