Buying a Sawmill

Today's news is the discovery of the Woodland Mills HM126 Portable Saw Mill. This device allows one to take a freshly felled tree trunk and turn it into sawn timber.

The land we've purchased includes a hectare of pine forest, and having the ability to produce our own timer feels deeply appealing to me. I was previously considering the Logosol M8 but I suspect an entry-level bandsaw mill such as the HM126 will be by far the better option.

In terms of economics, a back-of-an-envelope calculation suggests this'll pay for itself after milling around 100 small/medium sized trees. We've estimated the number of pine trees on the land at around 1500 (thanks Google Maps).

I spoke to Chris from Woodland Mills today, and he helpfully informed me that they deliver free to anywhere in Europe. This will thankfully save us having to cart it to Portugal from the UK.

For those of you that find 34 minutes of log sawing as soothing as I...